Saturday, November 8, 2008

Socialized Dessert

Well, we got our asses handed to us. (Sort of. More on that later.)

For now, I thought I'd just share a funny moment I had with my 12 year old son, who happens to be a little overly erudite for his age.

On election day, Congressman Portman stopped by HQ and gave me a cookie with Senator McCain's head painted on it. I took the cookie home and left it sitting on the kitchen counter.

Wednesday afternoon as I was making dinner, my son walked into the kitchen, looked at the cookie, and said, "Can I have this?" Being the good dad who didn't want his child to ruin his appetite thirty minutes before dinner, I replied, "No." He started to object (something about not getting a snack after school) and, annoyed, I simply firmed my voice a little and answered again, "No."

Sensing that I was being stared at, I looked over at my son who was looking at me with that special look he gets in his eyes when he's about to be a spectacular smartass.

"What?" I asked, with more than a little irritation in my voice.

He just grinned and said, "Dad, Obama won. That means that people with cookies have to give them to people who don't have any cookies."

I gave the little smartass the cookie, I figured he'd earned it. I also made him cut it in half and share it with his little brother.

Cookie redistribution at it's best...