Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mayor McClin's Plan to Bring People Downtown

Like just about everyone else who's passed through downtown Dayton lately, I found myself wondering, "What the hell is with all the statues?" I believe I have figured it out.

I think Mayor McClin came up with what I'm sure she thought was an ingenious ploy to bring more people downtown. Knowing that people tend to congregate around places where other people already are, Mayor McClin decided to put fake people all over downtown in order to provide the illusion that people actually visit and enjoy the downtown area.

On a recent jaunt downtown I found out that an apparently unintended consequence of this mayoral plan is that the statues are serving as confusing decoys for the other residents of downtown Dayton ... the criminals. I managed to snap a few photos of the kinds of people who were interacting with these statues:







and muggers:


I think I also saw some ACORN representatives registering the statues to vote for Obama!

Relax and have another drink, Madam Mayor, the city is as safe as ever!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why I'll Vote for McCain

I've always said that my ideal candidate couldn't win an election. I'm certainly no McCainiac, but McCain is our man. He's what we have, and he can win.

I received an email link to the following article yesterday:

John McCain and the American Electorate

I hope that any conservative who is thinking of sitting out this election or voting for Bob Barr or RuPaul will take the time to read the article. It explains why a McCain-like candidate is practically a necessity for us given the makeup of the American electorate. Rush, Hannity, and even Michael Savage make great radio personalities, but they'll never win an election. McCain can.

A good summary from the article:

It is time to recognize that four years of Obama will do such damage to this country that every conservative who doesn't vote will quickly rue that decision. McCain is our best hope for America's future because he stands between the ideology of the far left and the presidency.
Obama is dangerous. Scary Dangerous. Don't give him a chance to make it to the White House just because we are upset we didn't get our "ideal" candidate.