Thursday, September 27, 2007

John Edwards, Idiot

Killing time, I decided to watch the Breck Girl address a bunch of dumb students in New Hampshire. It's amazing that anyone can get away with being such an idiot and still be taken seriously.

First, Edwards was 28 minutes late. Impressive.

Second, I'm watching online, and there is a little "feedback" window where the viewers can offer "real-time" reaction to the "spontaneous" questions by the students. For the first question, the feedback box popped up with "What do you think about Senator Edwards responses to the questions about education?" a full twenty seconds before anyone asked any questions at all... a bit scripted, perhaps?

Edwards is now going on about his plan for "College for everyone." Her plan is that everyone in American should be able to go to four years of college, "paid for by America" if they agree to work ten hours a week while in college. Then, She goes on to say that when She was governor of South Carolina, She tried the program and it was "hugely popular" although they could only offer the program for the first year of school due to the expense.

WTH? Is She really that stupid?

The answer is, "No, the Breck Girl isn't really that stupid." The students he's talking to really are that stupid... because they eat this crap up... they're falling for it.

I've gotta turn this idiot off and get ready for work. These moronic students are giving me a headache.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's almost enough to make me hope my kids don't go to college...

OK, not actually... but seeing how incredibly stupid many college kids can be now days, it really worries me about sending my kids off to fruit loop land.

This moron got what he deserved but yet all the know-nothing sophomoric imbeciles who go to school with him want to jump right to his defense