Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where will all the Hippies Go ?!?!?!?!?

Antioch College is closing!

I write this entry from a somewhat unique perspective... since I was a wee lad of thirteen or fourteen I have been tip-toeing in-between the boundaries of the liberal "alternative" culture and the conservative "traditional" culture. In high-school and beyond I hung out in Yellow Springs; always stopping at Ha-Ha Pizza for a bean sprout and Canadian bacon pizza or an eggplant and Parmesan pizza on whole-wheat crust after a day of climbing at Clifton Gorge or Springfield Gorge... I played lousy guitar with the punk rockers of the 80's and sported a bumper sticker on my 1986 Cavalier that said, "War Doesn't Decide Who's Right, Only Who's Left" (As it turns out, the bumper sticker was correct... but as long as I'm the one who's left, I'm good with it.)

It was in large part the hippies from Antioch and their ilk that taught me to be conservative. Liberalism of the Antioch variety is a dangerous thing because it tries to convince us that socialism is the one church that can lead us all to salvation: that only by embracing their ludicrous social ideals can the world be saved... common sense and history be damned. I said in one of my other blogs that liberalism shouldn't be extinguished... we should always keep a few liberals around as bad examples. In the case of Antioch, their weird, over-the-top brand of liberalism is the sort of thing that should be extinguished... and the fact that Antioch is down to 400 enrolled students from their previous 2,000 should tell us that in spite of what we are lead to believe by the liberals in the media, we are winning in the the arena of ideas.

I hope that Ha-Ha Pizza and some of the other really cool shops can stay open without the college kids... but seriously, Yellow Springs is for the most part a town that has been choreographed to look like a college town. 400 hippies couldn't keep a single head shop open, never-mind a whole town. Yellow Springs is populated by millionaire liberal elitists who moved there to avoid the real world.

Yellow Springs will be fine without the students... it's the people from outside Yellow Springs that keep the posers sitting pretty... which reminds me, perhaps I'll stop by there next week for a new pair of Tevas.