Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thank you, Dayton!

Voting down this tax raise, Dayton residents voted the right way this time:

Dayton CSD 15.17 Mil
Total Number of Precincts 173
Precincts Reporting 173 100.0 %
Total Votes 21034
Times Blank Voted 169
FOR THE TAX LEVY 8784 41.76%

As David Bowman wrote on his Voice blog: distorting the data is no way to show an "improvement." Where I work, if the union members want a raise, they come to management and say, "Look at all the things we've done! Look how good out outcome has been!"

Percy Mack and the teachers union that hauls him around by the short hairs expected Dayton tax payers to give an abysmal school system an advance pay increase with a promise that the money would be used wisely. Sorry, Mr. Mack ... we've seen what you do with the money you have, why would we ever want to trust you with more?

Mack and the school board told us there would be deep cuts if this levy didn't pass -and they told us, "... those aren't scare tactics."

OK, Mr. Mack... time to pony up. Let's see those deep cuts.


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