Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Price Tag

In her April 9 column titled What's the true cost to Ohio for the war in Iraq? Jessica Wehrman , the DDN's "Washington Bureau Reporter" regurgitates a list of numbers provided by the National Priorities Project (one of those "non-partisan" left wing think tanks.) Near the end of her story, Wehrman states:

"That money could've paid for health care for 127,549 children during the length of the Iraq war, they say. It could've built 8,367 affordable housing units. It could've built 81 elementary schools."

Excessive contraction use aside, in true liberal form Wehrman wastes no time in trying to redirect the debate from an area of legitimate government responsibility (Defense) in order to try to get her readers to focus on feel-good liberal ideals. Guess what, Jessica? It is not the federal government's responsibility to provide health care for children, to build houses for people, or even to build elementary schools. It simply isn't in the Constitution. It is; however, the responsibility of the federal government to protect my family and my children militarily.

The same article claims that every single American has spent $1,500 and every American household has spent $4,100 to support the war in Iraq. I have no way of knowing if those figures are inflated or not... but even so, I'll pay that. I'd double it. I'd write a $4,100 check right now to help protect my children from islamo-fascists and to make sure that we were killing terrorists over there instead of fighting them here. Do you know a single parent who wouldn't pay $4,100 to protect their kids?


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