Monday, March 5, 2007

Perv Plates

Sounds like Merv the Perv might get his own special set of license plates, if legislation pending in the Ohio statehouse becomes law.

DDN Story

For those too lazy to click the link, the law would basically require that the most vile of Ohio's many, many sexual predators display neon green license plates declaring to the world that they are sexual deviants.

(Close your eyes at this point and imagine to yourself what the ACLU's response to this might be. After you've imagined, open your eyes and read below...)
ACLU of Ohio Executive Director Christine Link called it "political grandstanding" and said kids may be left with the dangerous impression that anyone without a green plate is a nice guy.

Seriously, Christine... if you don't have kids, please spay yourself now. If you do have kids, it's time to think about dropping them off at an orphanage.My grade school children apparently have better critical thinking skills than Christine does. Of course, being the Executive Director of the practically-criminal ACLU, I wouldn't expect much high level thought process from Christine.

Someone calling themselves "Gallowsman" on the DDN bulletin board apparently takes this whole "Defending child rapists" thing pretty seriously. Gallowsman's comments read like an intro to a NAMBLA brochure. ("Winky-smiley-face...")

Then we have, "The Fallen one" who might be a little more familiar with the sex offender registration program than he/she cares to admit.

Check out the comments attached to the DDN article for some real glimpses into idiocy.

Look, I'm not interested in seeing innocent people who have paid their dues to society branded for life... but these are anything but innocent people... baby rapists don't reform. They don't recover, they don't find God, they don't change their minds, they don't get their five year token, they don't get well ... but they do get better. They get better at raping children and not getting caught.

Is a green plate law good enough to protect our children? Hell, no! But seeing that judges and juries won't put these pieces of human debris where they belong (executed or in prison for life) we have to work with what we have... for now, I think a green plate is a step in the right direction.


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