Saturday, February 24, 2007


This post started as a comment to Brian Duffy's One Oar in the Water blog titled, Republicans are far from being Conservative. I quickly realized my "comment" was getting awfully long, and that I should probably move it here.

(Brian: as one who's always been a "true believer" I would previously have been on of the Republicans Brian thought he might not have befriended with his posting.)

That changed for me as I watched my party and my president squander the opportunities they had to push forward a conservative agenda in the last few years. All of Brian's points are correct, but I'm left with the question, "What do I do about it?" I've always believed that even when a party didn't present an ideal candidate, my choice had to be to "choose the candidate who was most likely going to move things in the direction I want them to go." While this seems less and less valid today, I still don't believe that there is an acceptable alternative to the GOP: the Libertarians are close, but are far from having the muscle needed to promote any real agenda, and as with Republicans, the Libertarians are not conservative.

I'm left with one choice, and that is to try to affect change in the Republican party from the bottom up. Promoting conservative candidates and issues, fighting the lib-publicans where they are found, and hopefully being able to bring a real conservative option back to the people on voting day. Conservative Republicans: (I know you are out there) you need to get involved in your party more ... attend the functions, go to the meetings, write to or meet with the local and state chairmen, volunteer your time and yes, run for local office.

Our party is far from perfect, but I don't believe it's time to give up on it yet.


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