Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Boardgame?

College Republicans around the country have been playing "Catch the Illegal" which apparently is something like hide-and-go-seek. Of course, the PC left is whining about the game, which (if you really think about it) is nothing more than the "cops and robbers" games most boys played at some point. Now that the leftists are screaming and crying, I'm sure the game will pick up speed and spread even further. As a matter of fact, I think I'll explain the game to the neighborhood elementary school kids this afternoon... should be fun to watch, so long as the little Chinese kid down the street doesn't get roped into being the illegal every time.

With yesterdays stock market dip, I think I see an opportunity for someone to make a few bucks here... I think a "Catch the Illegal" boardgame could take off and sell like mad. If yer in the boardgame business, drop me a line and we can brainstorm.

Chicago Sun Times Article about the Game

Saturday, February 24, 2007


This post started as a comment to Brian Duffy's One Oar in the Water blog titled, Republicans are far from being Conservative. I quickly realized my "comment" was getting awfully long, and that I should probably move it here.

(Brian: as one who's always been a "true believer" I would previously have been on of the Republicans Brian thought he might not have befriended with his posting.)

That changed for me as I watched my party and my president squander the opportunities they had to push forward a conservative agenda in the last few years. All of Brian's points are correct, but I'm left with the question, "What do I do about it?" I've always believed that even when a party didn't present an ideal candidate, my choice had to be to "choose the candidate who was most likely going to move things in the direction I want them to go." While this seems less and less valid today, I still don't believe that there is an acceptable alternative to the GOP: the Libertarians are close, but are far from having the muscle needed to promote any real agenda, and as with Republicans, the Libertarians are not conservative.

I'm left with one choice, and that is to try to affect change in the Republican party from the bottom up. Promoting conservative candidates and issues, fighting the lib-publicans where they are found, and hopefully being able to bring a real conservative option back to the people on voting day. Conservative Republicans: (I know you are out there) you need to get involved in your party more ... attend the functions, go to the meetings, write to or meet with the local and state chairmen, volunteer your time and yes, run for local office.

Our party is far from perfect, but I don't believe it's time to give up on it yet.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Algore's Convenient Lie

As far as I know, my children have yet to be subjected to a showing of the Algore propaganda piece, An Inconvenient Truth. (One of the benefits of not trusting one's children's education to government schools, I suppose.) I, too, have to admit that I have not personally screened the "documentary" so I'll be somewhat brief here, as I generally try not to comment on things I don't have a pretty good handle on.

With that in mind, I'll leave this blog with THIS: Here is a link to an article by Marlo Lewis which dissects and destroys just about every bit of Algore's hysterical global warming movie... it's quite a long read, but worth downloading into your PDA or Treo for reading later.

You never know when some spasmodic liberal chicken little type will want to engage you in a discussion about global warming.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Percy Mack, Televangelist for DPS

Way back in 2005 I submitted the following editorial to the Dayton Daily News:

DPS in 'moral emergency'

  • DATE: October 16, 2005
  • PUBLICATION: Dayton Daily News (OH)
  • SECTION: Opinion
  • PAGE: B9

I'm certainly glad that the radio and TV spots Dayton Public School Superintendent Percy Mack spent Dayton taxpayers dollars on are over. Mack and the entire Dayton School Board should be ashamed of their performance as stewards of our tax dollars, and more importantly, of our children. Mack's pleading over the airwaves for students to come to school for just one week in order to artificially inflate Dayton Public School attendance numbers is little more than legalized fraud. If he and the rest of the school board cared about our children as much as they purported to, they would have addressed the issue of poor attendance long ago, not only when it threatened to hurt the schools pocketbook. Dayton Public Schools are continually rated as being in academic emergency. With the sort of moral leadership Mack exhibits
thorough stunts like his artificial attendance week, it is clear that Dayton Public Schools are also in a state of "moral emergency."


It seems some things never change, except for the worse. Last week Dayton taxpayers were again subjected to an onslaught of radio spots and television ads featuring Mack being barely less charlatan-like than the televangelists of the eighties.

Mack and some of his school teachers beg and plead for Dayton's chilren to be in school "especially this week" because it's "count week." Count week, for those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the practice, is a designated week when attendance records determine how much funding a particular school district will receive. In the past, Dayton Public School have resorted to all sorts of stunts in order to lure children into the halls of state-controlled learning:
  • Having UD basketball stars come to a school
  • Offering pizza parties for every classroom with perfect attendance
  • Raffling off prizes to kids who actually bothered to show up for class
While I'm sure some will champion these as creative ways to get a child to class, the bigger point is missed: Dayton Public Schools appear only to care most about attendance when their funding is at stake. In the last three years Dayton Public Schools have spent over half a million dollars on advertising, not counting direct-mail (which isn't cheap, either.) What for? All to secure around $5,000 in funding per pupil who shows up for school on count weeks.

Understand here exactly what Percy Mack is doing... he's using your tax dollars, to launch ad campaigns intentionally designed to artificially inflate the numbers of children sitting in Dayton Public School classrooms. Mack is doing this to mislead the State of Ohio into believing that more children attend school in Dayton Public Schools than is actually the case, and in so doing Mack ends up collecting more of your tax dollars from the state, some of which are undoubtedly used to continue perpetrating this fraud on the taxpayers.

Half a million dollars, Dr. Mack? How many college scholarships for poor kids could you hand out with that much money? What would the effect be on attendance if Dayton Public Schools started handing out half a million dollars in scholarships?

Some might think I'm being rough on a school that's beginning to emerge from "academic emergency" and had been recognized as being in "continuous improvement." If continuous improvement is the goal for Dayton Public Schools, perhaps they should change their motto from "A new day is dawning" to, "We don't suck as much as we did last year."

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Inside Out

One more political blog on the internet.
One more guy throwing his two cents at you.
One more way to waste your time.
One more way to look at things.

There's always room for just one more, isn't there?